Wellness Education

Zima Health offers whole health solutions that consists of disease prevention habits.  We help you make changes that fit into your day. These habits include eating good wholesome food, light frequent exercise, rest, relaxation and thought management  We provide a variety of wellness programs for corporations, small businesses, small groups, faith-based organizations and individuals.

Corporate Wellness Programs have become the low hanging fruit for large companies.  Employee absenteeism will decrease and productivity will increase as energy levels, focus and an overall sense of well-being increases.

Wellness reduces health care cost by eliminating insurance claims.  Wellness is about prevention versus the typical employer response after an employee is sick.

Services Include:

  • Health Awareness Campaigns and Publications
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Lunch and Learn Presentation Series
  • On-site Facilitated Support Groups
  • Customized Programs


Small Group Programs helps small groups and families develop wellness plans that are practical and affordable.

What if you were to add 10 years to your existing age?  How would you like to feel health-wise?  What would you like to be doing at this point? Where would you like to live?

In order to reach those goals, good health can no longer be taken for granted!

Services Include:

  • Family Consultations or Individuals
  • Childhood Obesity Interventions
  • Food Preparation


Faith-Based Programs – Sickness and disease impact church life and development in a major way.  Ministries are falling short of the goals and the vision for the community for which it serves.

Poor health and premature death have played major roles in the under achievement of today’s faith-based organizations.

Zima Health brings in no guilt inspiring messages. These Zima programs motivate and provide step by step practical information that can be implemented into the daily lives of members.

Services Include:

  • Wellness Bible Study (8-week class)
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Women’s or Men’s Retreats
  • Conference Speakers
  • Awareness Campaigns and Publications


If you would like to present one of our wellness programs for your organization, please contact Dr Jordan at surinajordan@zimahealth.com