Our Food Journey

Food Is Power  – Our Food Journey

Our Food Journey started about 20 years ago for me and my husband.  I was sick unto death.  At first I threw up everything I ate.  It got worse, to the point where I was throwing up water.  I suffered a severe toxic reaction to a radiation treatment for a thyroid condition.  I lost 22 pounds in less than a month’s time. I was totally nauseous and starving.  Eventually my doctor helped me stay hydrated and the vomiting stopped as long as I didn’t eat anything.  At least I was back to keeping water down.

“I was sick unto death.”


A friend recommended that I see a doctor who practiced Chinese Medicine and Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM).  His approach was primarily nutrition, internal cleansing and removing the trauma from my mind, body, and spirit.  As a result, I was able to embrace living again.

When I reflected on my previous lifestyle, I could see how I landed into a health crisis.  My lifestyle included little to no sleep, a high stress job, cheese puffs and yogurt for lunch (also sometimes for dinner), a box of something for dinner, and a nutrient-empty workout at the gym.  I could see how I landed into a health crisis.

It was a long road but the path to wellness became clear.  I had never made the connection between my health and what I fed my body or how I treated my body.  This was my “Oh Wow!” experience.  I was so inspired by this experience that I ended a very successful, lucrative career, and I spent the next 10 years using all of my business and professional resources to research, study, and write about nutrition and healthy living.

During those 10 years of our food journey, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  I was amazed at how his body managed his condition and responded to treatment as we supported it with a good diet and lifestyle.

“My husband was diagnosed with cancer. “

And now 20 years later, my husband and I have committed to using the message of prevention and personal stewardship as the leading solution for maintaining wellness.  The point of power being everyday decisions about food, sleep, emotional and spiritual well-being.

So how does one make it all happen in this fast-paced world?  How do you keep up?  How do you deal with the confusion about being healthy?  Not every formula is for everyone, however we think we can share the information we have and support your effort to find your own path.

Food is power.  Our food journey brought forth the Start Living Healthy Recipes which is here to support your effort to harness that power.  We introduce you to alternatives and plant-based ideas that bring you a healthy but pleasant food experience.

We all know about meat, meat by-products, and the risks of a meat-first culture.  So we don’t go there.  What we need is the key to the mystery of using a plant-based approach to healthy meals that overtime adjusts the culture.  In other words, how to make healthy food delicious and most desirable!

~ Surina Ann Jordan, Author