Healthy Lunch Recipes

Healthy lunch recipes are mainly those things you can do in minutes. They are mini-recipes that are packed with the building blocks of a good meal!

They provide the solution to the challenge of how to eat a healthy lunch without sacrificing taste, time, and health.  We all need a variety of healthy choices so that we are not eating the same thing everyday.

Those frozen microwavable meals do not provide the quality nutrients needed to keep the body strong. They are typically full of sodium, fat, and additives. Lunch is the point where we need to give the body a full dose of food — “as medicine” to maintain wellness. Leisurely lunches most days are not an option. They must be quick and easy. Skipping meals, especially lunch, is not a good idea and can lead to unhealthy choices, including the office mate’s candy dish and the vending machine as the day goes on.

What is the key for a healthy lunch?

Your lunch must reinforce your Start Living Healthy value system. It is your decision to eat plant-based meals that are full of fresh vegetables and whole grains, every day.

There are several things you should consider when planning lunch:

Brown Bag Lunches or Lunch Box

Preparing lunch in the morning prior to leaving for work is near impossible for some of us. It takes planning so that we have the proper healthy ingredients and containers to quickly make lunch and go! The easy solution to lunch that requires very little thought is to use leftovers from last night’s healthy dinner! This is the strategy for many healthy eaters in search of brown bag lunch ideas. Mini recipes, like sandwiches, salads, or a vegetable and grain combination work well for lunch.

Work/Office Pantry

At home our food pantry includes refrigerated items and things in the cupboard. There should be basic pantry items that are stored wherever you spend a good amount of time away from home (see pantry lists). This pantry should allow you to assemble some of the mini-lunch recipes presented here.

Lunch and/or Snack

A portion of lunch can be your afternoon snack. A hearty snack can also stand in for lunch if you are in a situation where you cannot have a full lunch.


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