Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipes provide the building block for the most important meal of the day!  It is our first meal of the day and is the point when we break our fast after an average of 12 hours of not eating.  The healthy body has completed its health maintenance routines, including burning fat, repairing, and purging.  Shortly after we awake, we will need water and good food (fuel) to get the energy to embrace a new day!  A fresh lemon tea is also a good start.

One of the biggest suggestions we can make is that you not limit yourself to traditional breakfast foods.  Many of them are not healthy and don’t seem to provide the slow nutrient absorption to sustain us until lunch or snack time.  Traditional breakfast foods can also lead us into a high sugar intake zone.  This is not a healthy way to start our body engine for the day.  Consider the leftovers from last evening’s dinner, a vegetable stir-fry, a grilled sandwich or a multi-grain bagel.  Drizzle that nondairy sauce that you had for dinner over a whole-grain waffle!

Skipping breakfast is not a healthy option.  Many people (the old me included) think that skipping breakfast is a great way to save on calories.  Or that it saves time and trouble if you don’t have to consider breakfast.  WebMD makes a good case for eating breakfast: ”Skipping breakfast is strongly linked to the development of obesity.  Studies show that overweight and obese children, adolescents, and adults are less likely to break the fast each morning than their thinner counterparts.”  Skipping breakfast is also not good if you are predisposed to diabetes.

A healthy breakfast can be simple.  A more complex set of recipes can be used on the weekends or days off.  These more time-consuming breakfasts can be stored for a few days and used or reheated within minutes during those more hectic mornings.  To make it easy, we have listed the recipes into two categories: recipes that take 15 minutes or less and recipes that take 15 to 30 minutes to prepare and clean up.


So let’s start our day right!  This “course” or recipe book lists the variety of healthy breakfast recipes in the Syllabus/Topics list on the right and you can click on links to go directly to the recipe.


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