Coaching & Consultations

Dr Jordan offers individual and family coaching and wellness consultations, helping you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and provide an awareness of the relationship between what we eat and how we feel.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr Jordan by using the contact form below.  We will contact you promptly to set up a date/time that is convenient for you and start your registration.

You may have your consultation by phone or in the office.

Types of consultations

Individual or Family Consultations

Childhood Obesity Interventions

Food Preparation


Pay for Consultations


This payment is for a 45 minute consultation with Dr Surina Ann Jordan.


Follow Up Visits

This payment is for your follow up appointments. You pay for more than one visit and schedule them in advance.



What to expect?

Dr Jordan does not practice medicine, she helps those who want to understand the messages your body is sending and how to respond to them.  She helps you decode and recode these messages by giving you specific steps to take to bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit to whole health.