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Surina Ann Jordan, PhD, is CEO and Senior Health Advisor at Zima Health, LLC.   She is a wellness minister, coach, motivational speaker, counselor, vegan chef and author of four books.

Dr Jordan currently serves as commissioner for the Maryland Community Health Resource Commission, an independent commission operating within the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) whose 11 members are appointed by the Governor.  She has also served a Chair of the Maryland Childhood Obesity Committee (2009-2011), Council Member of the Maryland Advisory Council on Heart Disease & Stroke (2006-2016) and the Maryland Advisory Council on Fitness.  Dr Jordan was awarded the Governor’s Citation for outstanding leadership of the Committee on Childhood Obesity.

She has been awarded grants to start urban gardens, conduct plant base cooking classes and has developed caregiving ministries.  She has provided adult training & education programs.

Her advanced degrees are in natural health and holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health and she earned her Bachelor of Science in business administration and technology from Morgan State University.  Dr Jordan has more than 15 years of corporate banking experience and has managed multi-million dollar project portfolios.

Dr Jordan has completed a fellowship with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for nutrition and cancer.  Her research included studies on the impact of nutrition on cancer, recurrence and disease prevention.

She is the author of books entitled:

  • The Seven Disciplines of Wellness, The Spiritual Connection to Good Health
  • Got Cancer? Congratulations! Now You Can Start Living
  • Living Well
  • Start Living Recipes


Dr Jordan is a highly sought after speaker on Wellness and Disease Prevention.  She keynotes for conferences, retreats, churches and teaches for large retailers like Whole Foods Markets.


Dr Jordan is a Member of



Our mission is to provide wellness programs, education and consulting services to individuals, companies and faith-based organizations in order to prevent disease naturally and increase healthy behaviors.

Good health is a lifestyle and we help build new lifestyles everyday!